Aug 23, 2020 | Vet-Med Outreach

FINALLY . . . All 14 of the Prakash alumni are back to work, having been in quarantine for two weeks after getting out of the hospital and government facilities. They are all healthy and happy to be back. Also sorry for all the trouble they caused.

FINALLY . . . Dr. Suresh was able to get special permission to visit Sheshi’s village. He wrote, “I visited Sheshi’s village. Praise God they are all doing good. As soon as I reached their home Sheshi inquired about our health including you, she seems more concern about Corona as it spreading rapidly in cities. She and her children are doing good, she is teaching Christian prayer to her children.  Their new house they are using for their cooking purpose and kept all their things but they are sleeping in her father’s house.”

FINALLY . . .the toilet project is ALMOST finished. They still have some outside work to do and install the two privacy screens. So great to see it neat and clean.

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