Covid-19 Training

Aug 26, 2020 | Vet-Med Outreach

We received this fabulous report from Dr. Suresh. Even in these tough times he is continuing to spread the love of Jesus to the precious people of India.

“On 23rd of this month we got the permission from Government for10 people for this special Covid-19 awareness training at Nandagomukh Fellowship Center from the local office with strict guideline. So we selected 10 people from different villages for this so that they can go back and train other young people in their respective villages. 

But transportation was the most issue before us as all transportation was locked for people. So we hired local private vehicles to bring all people from different villages. Out of ten seven people reached on time for this training, other couldn’t make it out because of heavy rain in their area.

We started our training with prayer that everybody should be safe and protected. I know it was risky and challenging also to maintain safe distance from each other. But everybody were aware about the fact so it was easy to maintain social distancing. Everybody cooperated very manner fully. I really give all credit to our God for wonderful response from these village volunteers.

Mr. Bawankar gave very specific talk in the language that everybody should understand. (We asked for clarification and here is what Dr. Suresh wrote: Mr. Bawankar is a Government officer working in Covid-19 health team. He spoke the Marathi which the village people spoke and use many day to day dialogue which they understood, with the reason to make them understand. He have that training. I also speak Marathi which is normal one.) He talk on many things that could take care in the villages. Sanitation was the main topic he told many things which is useful in the village practices in the villages. 

After that I talk on how to take care of the animals, animal sheds regarding sanitation. Everybody like the knowledge they got in this and realized that there are many things they never thought about sanitation. 

Hope these training will help many villagers through these volunteers. Gotham, the chakadar (caretaker) for the property, and I served them breakfast and simple vegetarian lunch.   We are thankful to Pause and all who support and really encourage us to take some risky decision to make illiterate village community literate for better life and show our love to them even in the midst of such epidemic.”

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