Yipeee! We Have Students!

Oct 30, 2020 | Prakash Boys Institute, Ruth Girls Institute

The Government has now allowed us to have boarding students on campus. This has been such a LONG process and they change the rules constantly. Our staff has done a marvelous job of keeping up with all the demands

We had to buy a fogger to sanitize the classrooms twice a day. A liquid sanitizer station has to be located at every room. Only two students per dorm room allowed. (Normally, there are 8) Social distancing required in the classrooms. Everyone must wear a mask, even while working OUTSIDE. Needless to say, this has been an expensive undertaking that was not in the budget. You donors have been so faithful and so we have been able to meet the demands.

The staff has also been faithful in keeping the campus clean. It doesn’t take long for jungle to take over.

There have been some rewards for staff, in that there are no boys to steal the oranges. LOL Each staff family has received a huge bag of oranges. (Over 500 on each tree)

I think the toilet issue for Prakash is never ending. We have five staff families living in what we call the Line-Up. The septic tanks caved in and soooo it has been an ongoing project for the last six weeks. Happily, our male staff that live there were more than willing to help so we could cut the costs of a COMPLETELY new system. The monsoon was no help. Several times it flooded the area and they had to use buckets to take the water out. The families were able to use the boy student’s bath and toilet facilities until the project was completed. Thankfully, the students had not returned before completion.

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