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Jan 16, 2021 | Vet-Med Outreach

This Journal is from Dr. Suresh. It will warm your hearts to see the impact your gifts to Prakash can make.

“Today Chief shared with me and take me to old Paradhi village (Vasentha’s old village The book I wrote, They Call Me Sir, is about this village) and shared about Mrs. Sangita’s situation. He requested me to help her for getting chickens for her son who is 9 year old. Her husband died in lockdown maybe because of liver damage but they think that he died because of Corona.

Mrs. Sangita and her son really living pathetic condition so Chief arrange some staple food for them but requested to me if possible help her getting chickens so that they can get some protein food.

I told him that I will discuss this with my senior officers and let you know. I am writing this to you if possible can we give her chicken project? “ (Of course, Prakash for India said YES)

Five days later . . .

“This project is given to Mrs. Sangita as our friend who is Chief of village introduce her to me. Chief also helped me this time in buying chickens for her. She is a widow having 9 years old son Rajan. So Chief arranged 8 hens and 2 cocks for Sangita and when he explain the cause of buying chickens the owner of the chickens got encouraged and gave us one-day hatching chicks with their mother in the same deal.

As soon as we put them on ground all the chickens ran away and it was fun to recollect them on time. But Chief assured me that they all will come back at night. The Chief said he would come back and make a safe place for chickens to roost.

When we reached the old village Sangita and her son was anxiously waiting for us.

Sangita’s son Rajan was the happiest person on earth as he got his own chickens and was continuously asking me that really he will get all the eggs from these chickens. He was very happy to have one-day old chicks and all the time he was holding the basket of these chicks.

I asked Rajan about his future as he is in 5th grade in local school. He told me that he wants to become Master (Teacher) like Vasentha and be called Sir. The Chief said, ‘ This boy is the shadow of Vasentha.’ Most of the children from this village love Vasentha and he told me that how badly they miss him.

Sangita and Rajan are very happy to have these chickens. Rajan promised me that he will take good care of his chickens. Rajan will stop going for begging for food in other villages as he has to take care of his chickens now. (Because he Paradhi this was very difficult. Other villages are not kind to a Paradhi.)

I am really thankful to our friends who gave us an opportunity like this to help somebody in a bad situation. This gift will change the life of Sangita and specially her son Rajan.” 

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