Oh, No, Not Again

Apr 18, 2021 | Staff

The Government of India has AGAIN closed down all Tech schools. We had one week to find transportation for all our students to go back to home, orphanage, or hostel. Our staff did a miraculous job.

Just look at these happy faces BEFORE they had to leave. Our RGI teachers are trying to continue to give some instruction via What’s App. Most of the girls have access to a cell phone. We are still trying to navigate what will happen with the PBI students.

Then to top off the upheaval, Nagesh, our Business Manager, has contacted COVID. He is being isolated in one of the Guest rooms. Please pray for this family.

Also, as if the Government could not be any more erratic they have decided that all NGO’s (Non Governmental Organizations) have to have all their foreign funds go to a central bank in New Delhi and then they will disperse (when they get around to it) to the local banks. Talk about a bad idea.

Here is another crazy thing happening in India.

Several million Hindus have gathered to take a dip in the Ganges river as a deadly second Covid-19 wave continues to sweep India.

Hindus believe the river is holy and bathing in it will cleanse them of their sins and bring salvation. The state of Maharashtra is particularly affected – accounting for an average of almost 30-40% of daily cases. Measures like night curfews and limited lockdowns have been taken but the green light given to the Kumbh Mela festival has baffled experts.

On a good note, our maintenance staff has made a watering trolley out of the old RGI water tank that we had to replace last year. Ashok our welding teacher did a superb welding job. Wasting of water is a huge issue, so this will help with conservation.

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