Hope Amidst Tragedy

Jul 18, 2021 | Vet-Med Outreach

Nandagomukh is one the villages where Vet-Med has done a wonderful work. We have a building there that has been in need of many repairs. Gautam is the Chakadar, caretaker of the property. This week he was suppose to be meeting with the family of a girl that Dr. Suresh has arranged for him to marry. Dr. Suresh wrote this sad story:

“Today I went to Nandagomukh as the labourers had come to see the work as the shopkeeper had finally sent cement sheets. So I also went to meet them. While explaining them about the work, Gautam and I climbed up on the concrete parapet, and unknowingly Gautam stepped on the cracked cement sheet and fell down into the building.

For some time it was a serious matter as Gautam’s mother panicked very much and started crying. But the labourer really helped me to get the auto rickshaw to get him to the hospital, after hearing the news one ex student from Prakash also came to help us.

We took him to Saoner in the auto rickshaw and we had to visit two hospitals as Gautam had pain in his lower back and in left leg ankle. So in the first hospital there was no X-Ray facilities, so I moved him to another advanced hospital, there the doctor checked him, took four X-Rays, gave some primary medications and painkiller injections, as Gautam’s ankle bone is cracked.

After three hours, he put a plaster on his leg, and after Gautam started feeling a little better, he discharged him and in the same auto rickshaw we came back to Nandagomukh. All this time the labourer was with me and they really helped me.

I am really thankful to God as He miraculously protected Gautam, as he did not fall on his head or have any serious injury.

As Gautam’s mother is very worried, Nupi wants to come with me and encourage her and meet Gautam also. He will need a walker and a toilet chair. He is at his home now.

Please pray for him and there is nothing to worry about now, only he needs rest and proper medication.”

Of course, now the monsoon has come and it is raining every day and there is a hole in the roof.

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