Hope Amid Covid

Oct 6, 2021 | Vet-Med Outreach

“Since last year we had many phone calls from the small goat business people from villages. But it was difficult to explain them the exact solutions for their problems and it was unable to me to visit each and everyone because of epidemic situation and government restrictions. Also some of our ex-Prakash young people in and around Nanadagomukh (I just wrote about this building and doing repairs on the roof.) gave many calls and were eager to come together for some kind of fellowship. 

Dr. Suresh

So we decided to hold one-day seminar for all these people. So on day we had holiday for all teachers we arranged this seminar. We really got very good response as 15 young people attended this seminar out of this there were 6 ex-Prakash students also who came from different villages.

 It was joy to hear about ex-students life. Everybody is doing good and earning sufficient money for their livelihood and they are very proud to tell that this good condition of life was impossible without Prakash’s help. They all are really very grateful to Jesus and Prakash. 

Three of them really encouraged by the testimony of goat people and want to start their small goat business too for their parents.

We also discussed many queries from goat owners. It was fun to discuss on the question Why goat milk has unpleasant odor?  When I explained them the reason they realized the wrong traditional method of grazing.

It was great day with these young people and along with them I am also thankful to Prakash as it really helps thousands like me and these young people. Those living in Nandagomukh and near by villages would like to come once in week for fellowship. But most of them don’t have free Sunday so we will work on it and find out the suitable day for everybody for fellowship when government will allow.
All our ex-trainees of self-reliant are doing very good with their small business with Goats and some of them are on the way to expand it
I am thankful to all our friends there who are continually praying for us and standing with us to help in spreading the love of Jesus.
Thanking you. Suresh”

Again, please pray for our staff’s mental health. They are living with such uncertainties every day. We are so thankful for their faithfulness to the ministry of Prakash and for your continued support for the ministry.

We do have some students on campus. They are studying for exams. The Government is in constant turmoil. We just go one day at a time.

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