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Oct 17, 2021 | Ruth Girls Institute

Everyone involved with Prakash would love to have a full compliment of students, but Covid and the crazy Government rules have made that impossible.

RGI Students

Long ago, we embraced the motto “Do for one, what you wish you could do for all.”

Nupi has written a sweet report about how they are investing in the few RGI girls that are able to be at the institute.

“Just a few updates about RGI.

We had ten girls come for taking the govt. exam. The exams are over. I have six girls in the hostel right now that want to complete their practicals in computer and dress making. One more will be returning after giving one exam in college next week, The teachers faithfully come everyday.

Nupi, RGI Director
Nupi, RGI Director

So they have been allowed to be with us till they get perfect. Girls are enjoying learning creative art and crafts with their teacher. Also extensive English class and Starting Point (Bible Study) are taken. Every day they come excitedly to show me their new creations… is so refreshing to have girls back with us. Just love them. They have agreed to be with us till December hopefully. 

Admission calendar for new session has been changed again, If we go according to the calendar we should be starting classes next month with vaccinated students.” (Getting vaccinated is NOT easy in India. For a while there was a charge and most people could not afford the shots.)

We continue to ask you to please pray for our staff’s mental health. They are living with such uncertainties every day. We are so thankful for their faithfulness to the ministry of Prakash and for your continued support for the ministry.

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