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Nov 2, 2021 | Ruth Girls Institute

I wrote about this RGI student a few months back, but she has written a beautiful testimony of a dream come true.. I am sending parts of the former Journal.

I am Patima I come from a small village that is about 100 km from Nagpur. I have a mother, father and younger brother. My father drinks liquor and therefore does not support the family much. My mother works as farm labour when work is available and supports the family. But recently she has been keeping unwell and that put a lot of burden on my family. My pastor told me about RGI. I came to RGI after completing my 12th class. I studied Computer in RGI.

I will never forget the period during lock-down. I was not able to go home as no one could come to pick me up, so I spent the lock-down period in RGI with the housemother and Rakshita madam along with few other girls. I enjoyed my time at RGI with Rakshita madam during lock-down. I was able to practice my computer skills during my stay in RGI. I was also able to learn stitching during the lock-down time. I helped to stitch facemasks. This was an added skill that I could learn during my lock-down stay in RGI. I was happy the Anupama madam looked after us as her own daughters during this period and I will never forget that.

In the midst of all that we have been going through in the past two years, here is a testimony by one of our students who studied with us. May it encourage us all to keep going to make a difference one life at a time!! A dream has come true.

I Patima praise God that he has given me an opportunity to write my testimony for His glory. 

I was a student of computer in the academic year 2019-2020. I had come to RGI with the sole intention of learning computer, but when I came to RGI, I got to learn quite a few things as well. Things that I would have never learnt in my village. In RGI the day starts with prayer/ morning devotion, I did pray at my home but here at RGI I got to learn different things about the bible in different manner. (Starting Point book is followed for the morning devotion classes.) My favourite part in RGI was the Starting Point class. It helped me to know the Lord deeply.

I got to learn many things from the girls that came from various places, my way of talking and my behavior or conduct changed, I had a altogether different experience. I think RGI was my real beginning. Anu madam (Nupi, Administrator) used to teach us the word of giving examples of real life.

In RGI I experienced what work life is along with my studies, because at home I used to do one work at a time but here I realized the real responsibility of a girl; that a girl needs to have work skill and life skills along with her education. I worked before but I got the habit of keep going tirelessly in RGI. My talents increased in RGI. Many times, I made mistakes in RGI but the staff took good care of me. They behaved with me as though I was their own daughter. I am thankful to all of them for this.

Now after returning home from RGI I am working. Even though it is not a huge paying job I am not sitting idly at home, this is my first step. (Patima is working at an office that helps people from the villages to fill online forms etc. she is also preparing and appearing for govt. job exams) I am proud that I studied at Prakash Institutes. I am a computer operator today.

I want to thank all RGI and Prakash staff that they cared for me like their own daughter.

Thank you Anu mam (Nupi, Administrator)

Thank you Soniya mam (Computer teacher)

Thank you Warden mam,

Thank you Rakshita mam (Teacher)

Thank you to all Prakash Institute Staff.

Thank you to all American Donors

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