Chicken Giving Underway

Dec 19, 2021 | Vet-Med Outreach

Because so many of you gave your gifts early, we were able to start with the “Chicken Giving.” This is a heart warming story of this gift.

“Parbai 28 years old lady having two beautiful children, elder one Hemraj 6 years old and younger one Somraj 3 years old. Parbai living in a tribal village 40+ km away from Nagpur and very close to the outer boundary of the vast jungle.

This village is far away from all the necessity facilities like market, Hospital and any kind of recreation. Parbai’s husband Jaam working as a farm laborer for others.  Since two years he is not getting any kind of work because of Covid situation and they suffered lot. Many times all the family slept without food.

Parbai belongs to Gowari tribe and living in a small hut but she is taking very good care of her house and keeping it very neat and clean.

When I saw Hemraj and Somraj I really thank God for our volunteer who gave me very needed information about this family. On Friday I just sat and prayed for these family and I was happy that we are giving this chicken project to the very appropriate family especially for Hemraj and Somraj as they will be going to get protein diet in their food.

I made all the arrangements with local Pardhi family and bought 12 Chicken (10 females and 2 Cocks). Vijaydas ( Vasentha’s brother, the boy I wrote the book “They Call Me Sir” about) helped me transporting these chickens to this village.

When I reached to the village Hemraj and Somraj were very happy to feed their own chickens. Parbai was also very happy and gratefully thanked me for this wonderful gift.

I really praise God for His provision to us to help families like Parbai and present the love of Jesus with them.

I am very sure that these set of Chicken will change the life of this family and Hemraj and Somraj will get nutritious food here after.”

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