Goats That Will Change Lives

Dec 24, 2021 | Vet-Med Outreach

What a blessing it is to know that the work of Prakash and Vet-Med Outreach have such a good reputation. Dr.Suresh continues to build fantastic relationships with the communities around Nagpur.

“Because more people knows about our work and happily supporting Vet Med I was sitting with Uike family to decide about giving goat project to them as our volunteer Mr. Dilip who is Gov. officer suggested their name. I really praise God for his cooporations.

Mrs. Kalawati was telling me their tear-jerking story about how they survived through Covid-19 infection last year, as her husband was sick. But as I heard many families story about Covid I was little bit not sure about giving them this project. But as we were talking her 14 year’s son Jairam came and sat along with his parents and just ask him about his schooling. He told me that he is not attending the school, as they don’t have enough money to spend on his education. Here the spirit of God talked to me that Jairam is the reason for helping this family. Hoping that this goat will support the education of Jairam I decided to give this family this goat project.

I explained them the importance of education and the reason for their help and they all agreed that the money out of selling extra goats will be spent on Jairam’s education. The smile on Jairam’s face really was the very best thing of this day.

One of our volunteer Mr. Suryakant is doing very good goat business after his Self-Reliant Goat Management Training with Vet Med. I explained him about goat project and shared about the family. So Suryakant sold us two females along with their one-month’s babies with minimum price and also took responsibility to transport them to this village. (He learned the lessons well of giving back.)

Next day, Suryakant transported the goats to this family then early in the morning I reached to family to make needful arrangements with their neighbor’s cow shed for goats for a while as Uike family don’t have any place to keep them. Mr. Uike promised me that he will build small hut for the goats within a one week. I thanked the neighbor for helping us in keeping goats for time being.

I will keep visiting, as I have to follow up vaccination and look after goat shed and I also personally want to encourage Jairam for explaining the importance of education for him so that he can be self-reliant in his life.

I am really thankful to all who are standing with us expanding the love of Jesus and praying and supporting Vet Med Outreach. 

Surely this help will help this family and specially Jairam in his education.” 

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