Jan 19, 2022 | Ruth Girls Institute


One of the reasons for the establishment of RGI eleven years ago was the hope that what this story is about might happen . . . Christian marriages. Nupi wrote a precious story of “MATCHMAKING.”

“I am happy to inform you that two of our former students, Nivrutti and Surabhi are engaged. It has been fun to be the “MATCHMAKERS” for these two wonderful young people.

Nagesh, Suresh and I had the privilege of working with the families to get this to this point.  Last week Suresh and I accompanied the girl’s family to the boy’s native village where he comes from to meet the family. The village is 250 km away from Nagpur. We made the trip by car in a day. Both Nivrutti and Surabhi lost their parents at an early age and were raised by their relatives. Actually, Nivrutti grew up in Boys and Girls Christian Home Orphanage and later came to Prakash; Surabhi grew up with her paternal uncle and aunt and studied in RGI.

Nivrutti is presently working in Pune. He studied Refrigeration/Air Conditioning at Prakash. Surabbi stayed with us at RGI for three years and studied all our major courses. They were not on the campus at the same time.

Rakshita, Shini and I had the fun of shopping with Nivrutti for the engagement gifts of a sari, engagement ring, bangles and other things. My heart was filled with joy to see him doing all this and to see that an orphan boy will soon have his own family.

The couple met each other for the first time at this meeting. We are all excited and praise God for his working in all this. I am very sure that this is the Lord’s doing as all has worked out from scratch. They have talked to each other on the phone since this marriage has been confirmed.

We had a small but wonderful engagement ceremony yesterday. Some of Nivrutti’s relatives came for the engagement. Nagesh shared from the Word of God and the girl’s pastor convened the ceremony.

Both exchanged gifts, clothes and rings. They seemed to be very happy.

The General Director of BGCH made it a point to attend the ceremony all the way from Chandur Bazaar which was special for Nivrutti as he grew up in BGCH.

After the ceremony they provided a simple lunch for all who attended. 

Normally, the wedding would take place the very next day, but because many family members are from far away, and will have vacation from work in the summer, the wedding will take place in April or May.“

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