Women’s Day at RGI

Mar 12, 2022 | Ruth Girls Institute

Yesterday was International Women’s Day, Nupi wrote this wonderful report about RGI.

“It is so good to have girls back on campus. During the last year or so we tried our level best to make them happy and to impart knowledge to the fullest to them. Even though they may only have a small family phone we taught Spoken English, Starting Point, health and hygiene were taught to them along with their regular classes. We use the Whats App platform. The girls were attending online exercise classes with our dear Dr. Meghna, through Google. They met on all weekdays, and they were enjoying it. They attended Dattawadi church service online every Sunday. They also attended few online seminars conducted by other institutes. They enjoyed playing in the evening whenever they got time.

Now they are back and we celebrated International Women’s Day. To have it safe we had invited Vandana (She is a school teacher and Nupi’s sister and Nagesh’s wife.) to be our guest of honor for the program. It was a day for which the girls prepared so well. It was a wonderful day, celebrating women hood, it was full of excitement and fun. The whole program was planned and convened by the girls under the supervision of the teachers.

They had handmade flower bouquets for all the staff. We also got small hair garlands to put on our hair from RGI gardens. A melodious welcome song was sung to make us all feel welcome to the program.

The girls performed a drama, which portrayed a story of a girl who was married at a very young age even though she wanted to study. After her marriage she was able to complete her education with the support of her husband. She was able to fulfill her wish and start earning.

They gave the message that, “where there is a will there is a way” and “you can make your dreams come true if you are committed to do all that it takes fulfill them.” Oh! They were cute, hilarious and dramatic.

Vandana gave a motivating short speech and told them three things to remember.

·      Remember to be loyal and committed to every relationship that you have in your life. Your family, teachers, friends and above all to your heavenly father. Ruth is your role model for this.

·      Remember that God can use you for the betterment of your community even in the most difficult times. You need to be willing to step out of your box and take risk. Esther is your role model for this.

·      Remember to use your skills to serve others. Lydia is your role model for this.

God will use you to be light for others in a special way as women. Vandana also thanked us for inviting her to be the guest of honor. Which I didn’t realize was her first time to receive such an honor.

No program in RGI can be complete without dance and the girls did a wonderful job at it. 

The girls had arranged special indoor games for us to play. They had such fun seeing us play that they laughed till they had tears in their eyes and dropped on the floors laughing. It was a memorable day.

The girls also learned and enjoyed making various recipes during their stay at RGI. They baked a cake for their teacher Soniya on her birthday.

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