PBI and RGI Wedding

Apr 23, 2022 | India

There is nothing more exciting than to have a dream come true. One of the dreams for Prakash’s ministry is to have healthy Christian marriages of the young people who graduate from the two Institutes. I was privileged to attend the marriage of a PBI graduate and an RGI graduate.

There are many Western cultural aspects to the ceremony combined with Indian culture. There were two flower girls but the ring and necklace basket wasn’t taken to the front until the actual time it was needed. Nupi and I guarded it till that time. We sat in the only two chairs in front of the ONLY cooler in the huge auditorium . . . there went the hair-do. LOL

There is also a garland exchange. The RGI girls custom made the garlands given by the bride’s family.

Signing and showing the signed Marriage Certificate is a major part of the ceremony.

One prayer lasted fifteen minutes. Also there was a sermon given by Nagesh.

But I have never been to an American wedding where the honored guests were given bouquets of flowers. Dr. Suresh and Nupi were the “matchmakers.”

I left after the hour and a half ceremony, but not without a few pictures with the bride and groom. Surabhi kept saying, “Nani, I’m so happy you came to my wedding.”

The celebrations continued till one in the morning. Of course, there were the traditional red chairs for the bride and groom. The cutting of the cake and a meal for the 500 guests.

The bride and groom ALWAYS change clothes. The sari and chole blouse were given by Suresh and Nupi.


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