Inauguration of Burn Pit

May 9, 2022 | Prakash Boys Institute

I walked into the offices on Thursday and saw that the new employee had added something to the calendar white board. 

Too cute to not write about. They were so excited.

This Journal will be mostly pictures, they will tell the story.

Staff almost had a tragedy when a burning paper flew over the wall and hit a lorry. Thankfully, they were able to call the driver and he put it out.

Loren hired a big digger and we made a gigantic burn pit. He taught them how to draw a circle, but later decided to make it a rectangle. 

We have to burn all our garbage and trash on Prakash campus. Until now it was the responsibility of each person dumping to burn. THINGS HAVE CHANGED.

Now one person will burn every Friday. 

Loren said, “Help! This is hotter than blankidy-blank”

As I told you before we were cleaning out the office of years of paper so it was time to start burning.

Up until now they had only about a two foot deep hole. This should last for years and be a much cleaner and safer burning pit.

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