HELP!!! No Water

May 12, 2022 | Prakash Boys Institute

We awoke this morning to NO water and found that the bore well is sucking sand. This is HUGE tragedy. Due to the hot weather many wells are dry.

Mangala told me she has not had corporate water in her home for the last nine days.

There is some water in the open well but the connections are also not working well. The well digger man came and is looking at the situation. Loren had to laugh and laugh when Vipul told him they were looking for the walls. They can’t say “v’s” so he meant valves.

Loren had several containers filled with drinking water and taken up to workers on the roof first and then to each office. This isn’t water we can drink so someone went to town and got us some bottled water.

Staff brought us some water to flush the toilet with and bathe. Oh fun, only sponge baths for now. (No, I’m not going to show you how I do it.) Of course, it has to be hotter than ever too.

There goes the budget. This will be expensive if we have to drill a new well. Several projects that we had hoped to do have been put on hold. We need prayer for rain.

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