Slowly, Slowly

May 17, 2022 | Prakash Boys Institute

This Journal is stories of we have undertaken while here in India. Many had to be put on hold due to the fact that we may need to drill a new well. God knew this would happen so we are trying not to be discouraged. Loren had a former employee come for tea so he could confirm the depth of the existing well. Not many good records have been kept.

Office refurbishing is still continuing. The painter is working on the worst office and the other two will have to wait.  We had another huge burn pit event.

I started hanging some important framed documents on the new bulletin board. Inspectors want to see these displayed. They use to just lay on top of the safe. (where I’m sitting) Of course, when I was all done and down the ladder, Nagesh said, “Nani, one is upside down.” How would I know what Hindi should look like?

There is also some staff teaching us. Rachel is teaching Papi how to use a new app.

Also we have been going through the mountains of books and CDs we have in our room, a lot of Andy Stanley’s series, and been giving them to the new staff leaders.

The biggest project has been the roof on the Heritage wing. There has been leakage that has caused extensive damage to rooms below. This roof has lasted for almost 40 years so I guess it is time to be replaced. With Joy’s death and the chaos that followed the job had not been started even though it had been approved. This really needs to be completed before monsoon.

The noise has been horrific. The sound of the jackhammer was like LOUD drums beating for hours. The building literally vibrated. Lorries arrive with enormous loads of sand and bricks.

I can’t imagine how hot it is up on the roof but the workers continue everyday with a smile. Glad just to have work. They do take a lunch break in the shade.

As we watched the women fill the bags with sand and bricks then one man carries it up three flights of stairs, Loren said, “I wonder how many days it will take for them to get the massive pile of sand up to the roof?” It was gone by evening and the spot cleaned. UNBELIEVABLE!!! This picture should make us all thankful we do not have to carry bricks on our head all day to make a meager living. They cleverly made a way to get all the rubble off the roof. The contractor wanted a picture with us. He said we are nice people to work for. They are doing a magnificent job.

Each and every project is a chance for teaching new and better methods of doing things. The staff is like sponges soaking up every little detail.

Slowly, slowly we will see all the projects competed, the Lord willing.

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