We Are Home . . . They Have Water

May 22, 2022 | Prakash Boys Institute

After one day in Mumbai before a VERY long trip home, we are safely back in Montana. Not every thing on our agenda was completed, but we feel Prakash is in a good place. Students will return in a few days and things will be humming on the campuses.

Just when we landed in Montana and had Wi-Fi we received word that the bore well was repaired and Prakash again had water. Of course, we were home and did not get the benefit of the running water. LOL

The well had to have all the casing and old pump pulled. The issue was the casings had broken and had holes that allowed dirt and tiny rocks to get into the pump and demolish it.

We estimate that the total cost will be around $4500, which will include the new pump and all new casings and labor. We are so thankful that the well drillers were available to get it fixed quickly and we didn’t have to drill a completely new well.

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