When It Rains, It Pours

Jul 16, 2022 | Ruth Girls Institute

For years the monsoon has not been very beneficial in India. There has been massive drought. THEN this year it has come with an over abundance of rain. Prakash has had considerable flooding in staff housing and RGI.

The RGI girls have done a superb job of helping to clean all the flooding.

THEN in the midst of this issue the RGI well goes out. OH NO! Not another well problem. Of course, it had to happen on a weekend. Nupi was able to convince a water man to open his business and to fill some blue barrels for drinking water for the girls. These young ladies were not happy that they could not take a bath during such hot weather. Finally, the next day the Prakash maintenance crew was able to get water from PBI to RGI. THEN the valve blew. By bypassing the valve they were able to get a pipe (Water hose) to the RGI campus.

This issue has not been resolved yet due to the rain and floods.

THEN two days later a tree fell on the electric lines outside the campus and again RGI was affected. Nitin was again able to do his magic and had things up and running after several hours of labor.

THEN we get a call that our new employee was in the hospital with a 103-degree temperature. They ran a multitude of tests and never came up with a diagnosis but she has now recovered.

THEN Nupi accidentally hit her computer screen and BAM it was cracked.

At least again it is fixable.

With the rain continuing and all the extra inconveniences, Nupi has given the RGI a “treat day.” They were taught how to make samosas (Yummy) and got to eat the fruits of their labor.

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