Chickens Changing Lives

Aug 27, 2022 | Vet-Med Outreach

Our volunteer Raju was requesting me for the chicken project for the 16 years old tribal girl Vaishnavi, from near-by village. I was not very sure about his request. But in the midst of our Self-Reliant training he again called me on phone that Vaishnavi really need some kind of help as her school got started and her parents who is working as a laborer in the field is not in position to pay her school expenses.

Looking in to the seriousness of Raju’s request I decided to meet Vaishnavi after training, so I went and meet Vaishnavi and other elder people in this village. Everybody was in favor that if it is possible Vet Med should help Vaishnavi as she is very punctual and hard worker in her studies. Her neighbors also told very good things about her that she is very good girl and always helpful to them whenever they need her help.

I just asked Vaishnavi if she will take care of some chickens IF Vet Med helped her in buying 12 chickens. She was very happy to have chicken and it was easy for her to take care and sell eggs. She is really a good hard working girl and to help her in her education I decided to give her chicken project. So that she can be self-reliant and help herself in her education. She wants to be a nurse and help her tribe through her profession.

I requested to Raju for helping me in transporting the chickens as I was busy in training and it is very raining.  He happily accepted my request. So on the way back to Nagpur I went to old Pardhi village and bought 10 matured females and 2 cocks and told them that handover them to Raju  

Raju find out time and transported chickens to Vaishnavi, and next day after our spiritual class I went to the village to meet Vaishnavi. She was very happy and she showed me the first egg of one of the hen given on that day. That one egg cost 20.00 Rupees each that means she will earn enough money for her. She is also happy that she will also get some eggs for her family. She is keeping chickens under her cot in special basket.

It was hard to bring all chicken at one place as some of them looks unhappy to take their pictures and running in the field.

When I was there her neighbor women brought her small baby to Vaishnavi for taking care as she has to wash cloths and Vaishnavi very happily started taking care of that baby. Seeing that I felt very happy in my heart that I helped one of the very good and needy girl to be self-reliant in her life. I hope this help will help Vaishnavi and build her self-confidence and she will study tension free. She is going on bicycle 5 km everyday in school. Vaishnavi said thank you to me and Raju.

Raju and other people were also happy that we helped one needy girl in her education. And so I am thankful to the friends who help Vet Med in this project. Also once again I am thankful to Mr. Loren for his advice that the chicken must be matured and should lay eggs as soon as we give project to needy one.

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