Hearty Welcome

Feb 24, 2023 | Ruth Girls Institute

Well the activities at Prakash are in big swing. Guests, Lorin and Anita have arrived and welcomed. Lorin is Chairman of PAUSA (Prakash Association USA) There was singing, dances and skits. Indians REALLY know how to say a “HEARTY WELCOME.”

Anita and I had to go to town and get black saris (due to the dress code for the 50th celebration). There was only one place in Itwari where we could find black. Not a favorite color for Indians. So fun to see a room full of mostly men selling women’s saris.We didn’t seethe sign to not take pictures till we were finished. LOL

Itwari is Loren’s favorite part of Nagpur. The old city is a mass of people, cows and vehicles. It is where everyone shops.

Anita was asked to speak in Chapel and had the students in the palm of her hand. She used Philippians 2:1-5

One welcome is never enough, so at chapel we were again “Welcomed”…

One of the PBI students is deaf and dumb. But he reads lip well enough to attend classes. He also is VERY talented in making things out of palm fronds. He made us the most beautiful woven decor.

One of the most important things I always want to do is have a Q&A time with the RGI girls. Anita and I had a fabulous time of laughing and actually fantastic, insightful questions.

One question was, “Nani, what is the secret of your beautyness.” That brought a lot of laughter.

We both agreed it was our very best time with the girls. The girls said that Starting Point showed them that they had worth. So sad to think you are worthless.

The girls love our time together as much as we do.

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