Prakash Is 50

Feb 26, 2023 | Prakash Boys Institute, Ruth Girls Institute

We visited the RGI girls Friday to see classes and they were making their vests for the program and the flowers for decorations. AMAZING They made all their own patterns.

They made their own template and design for the flower decorations.

The Theme for the program was “Write Your Story”. plus the 50th Logo.

Going over to see how things were going we astonished at the amazing detail they had gone to make the theme outstanding.

What fun when three RGI teachers came to my room to put on Anita and my saris. Just stand and let them wind the fabric around us. We look good when they finish, don’t we?

The front row at programs is always saved for us, with water bottles. The program started exactly on time . . . astounding!

There was singing, dances, and best of all Success Stories from the alumni. They did three rounds of videos. We were blown away. Also I did a History Video, actually I chose the pictures, but Angela made the video. So helpful to have these young talented people involved in Prakash.

Lorin was the main speaker and was spot on with his message.He used the scriptures reference from Matthew 16:24. Nupi did a wonderful job translating.

That last dance by PBI students was the outstanding highlight of the evening. The students were clapping and yelling their approval. The young man who was deaf and dumb was the lead. Could not believe what I was seeing. They even had gold sequined jackets with their black pants. It was a Tamil Christian song so was translated by Moses for the audience.

Of course, there was a superb vegetarian meal enjoy “heartily” enjoy by everyone.

We didn’t get to eat until 9:30, (the program ended at 8:15) because of “Picture Nani,” “Picture Auntie”. Anita said she felt like she was at her wedding with all the pictures and smiling. LOL II think there were about 50 pictures taken. It was a wonderful time of fellowship with former staff, alumni, and guests.

The PAUSA Board, Anita and me and the Prakash TEAM (Nagesh Nupi, and Moses)

Thank you again for your prayers and continued donations!

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