Another Guest Has Arrived

Mar 1, 2023 | Prakash Boys Institute

Erik, a Pausa Board member actually arrived before the 50th Celebration, but I was so busy I didn’t have time to write a Journal about it. Soooo Here goes.

Again, there was a “Hearty Welcome” from all the students with a garland, songs and a fabulous dance by the boys.

We hardly gave him time to rest. Lunch at RGI is always a big treat and so fun to see how organized the girls are. It is a huge treat for them to have “Chicken on a Holiday” curry. (egg curry)

There was a Tea Time with the PII (Indian) Board that was a wonderful time of fellowship. There are plans to have more inclusiveness between the two boards.

We noticed that all the chairs were being removed from the auditorium. WHY??? The girls said the boys did not clean them well enough LOL The guys helped bring them out.

Down to the travel agents office to get all the bookings for the return tickets for Lorin and Anita confirmed. Poor Erik was asleep on his feet. 

We did give him a LITTLE time to rest before going out to dinner with the executive staff and their families. Oh that is sooooo fun. Lots of great food that they never get and tons of laughter.

We promised not to be so hard on Erik on the days following. BUT we did have the big celebration so he can sleep when he goes home. 

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