Of Course, It Would Happen Now

Mar 7, 2023 | India

The weather has been sooo HOT and during the night we had a thunderstorm that was almost freakish. It felt like the building was being hit by lightning. I said, “Lord, could you not have done all this at 8 am instead of 4:30 am?” It did make is much cooler, but the farmers are in despair because the little bit of rain will ruin their crops.

Then we find out the our Guest Cook, Sunil spent the night in the hospital with horrible stomach pain. He came to work anyway because he didn’t want to disappoint me. Then upon quizzing him found out that his water filter in his home was not working and he and his family have been drinking awful water. “Oh, Sunil, why didn’t you tell us?” Again he didn’t want to bother us. Needless to say he will have a new water filter tomorrow. Also I sent several bottles of pure water home with him.

Next, we get a video of an emergency in the student kitchen. One of the 50 year old iron pipe has burst and there was water everywhere.

Thankfully, we were able to get the contractor to come immediately and in half a day it was fixed. With Holi starting he said he would come back after the festival time and put new tile in place. He came to our 50th celebration and was very impressed with our Alumni Success Stories. 

Finally, this evening we got word that our welding instructor was rushed to the hospital with what the doctor thinks is heart issues. He will be there for another day for further tests. We leave the campus tomorrow but will be in touch with staff.

Now for some stories of good events. Erik spoke in Chapel. It was neat to be back in the RGI Auditorium. During the refurbishing (that you all made happen with your Christmas giving) they met in the Heritage Hall small auditorium. He spoke from Romans 8:1-5 and Romans 9:10. It was very powerful.

Afterwards, we had all the students and staff come out to the amphitheater for a photo session. It was awesome to see all the students in uniforms. Again, only was possible with your help.

I think the boys even walk more proudly in their new uniforms. They have had instruction on how to wash and dry their new duds. 

Prakash Students and Faculty 2023
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