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Mar 11, 2023 | Prakash Boys Institute

Always in the list of things to do is a visit to all the PBI classrooms. I had visited the girls at RGI several times but had not gotten over to the Trade Center. The boys are always so fun to see. I told them that they looked so handsome in their new uniforms. Some of the students were in the Computer Lab.

First Years Ref/AC (Refrigeration and Air Conditioning)
Second Year Ref/AC

Electrician Class. The students showed us some of their “fun” projects. The instructor is in charge of all the electrical on campus so they get a lot of hands on training.

Electrician Class
Class Projects
Class Projects

Later we had tea with an alumnus that was unable to attend the 50th Celebration. He has been VERY, VERY successful in Ref/AC and owns several shops. Also has THE government contract for all AC in government buildings and cement factories in Maharashtra State. 

Barde is a real supporter of Prakash. He was at campus to see about what we need in the way of AC in the PBI computer lab. (It will need a complete refurbishing. The computers are 16 years old) 

Padmaker, who was the former Business Manager, invited us to his home for tea. He and his wife Alishaba have not been in good health and it was a joy to visit in their home. 

We got an update on our welding instructor, Ashok. He has a 50% blockage in one artery. No stint is needed at this time, but he was put on a strict diet and medication and will be reexamined in a few weeks. Keep him in your prayers. His son is a nurse at the Heart Hospital where he was admitted, so he received extra special care.

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