We Are Home

Mar 18, 2023 | Ruth Girls Institute

Leaving Prakash was VERY difficult. Loren said that he didn’t want a big send-off, but Suresh and Shini came. So we had a “family” picture. We have known the girls since babies and Nupi and Suresh lived with us for 3 months when they were first married.

The RGI girls made us a beautiful Thank You card which each one signed on the back. Thanking us for coming, we should be thanking them for being so special.

The hotel had this gorgeous flower arrangement. Just had to take a picture to share with you.

When we left Nagpur it was 96 degrees and we arrived in Whitefish in a snow storm. My body said, “What are you doing to me?” LOL

The trip was a myriad of emotions . . . exciting, joy, sad, disgusted, happy and gratifying. Nupi is doing an extraordinary job as General Director and we think the men will slowly come on board. Culturally, it is difficult for them. 

We are glad to be home and feel almost normal. I crashed with 16 hours of sleep, but it put me back on Montana time. Thank you for all your prayers and replies to the Journals.

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