International Women’s Day

Mar 24, 2023 | Ruth Girls Institute

Rachel wrote a wonderful report about the activities at Prakash. she didn’t mention it but all the boys were in attendance too.

“International Women’s Day was celebrated on March 10, 2023 at Prakash Institutes of India. The girls arranged a short program to make the day special for all the ladies. They started with a prayer followed by a time of worship.

Next, the girls performed a wonderful dance drama depicting the life of a girl and how she transitions into a confident woman while facing the challenges of society. They ended the dance by giving a message that we shouldn’t just teach the world to save girls, instead, we must also discipline our boys to respect every girl.

Mrs. Sumati Deodhar, (She is a Professor of Nursing at the University) was the guest of honour and was introduced to the students and staff by Nupi. She encouraged the students from the Word of God and shared that God has made man and woman equal in his own likeness and also encouraged the girls from the life of Esther. She quoted 1 Peter 3:7 and encouraged the boys to respect and love each and every woman in their life as the word of God teaches to.

The program ended with a vote of thanks and prayer by Mrs. Soniya Manohare, (RGI computer Instructor) and the girls gifted handmade bookmarks to the staff members.

A picture of all the women staff of Prakash. It was a beautiful celebration and we all had a good fellowship together. We thank God for His faithfulness to all of us and pray that we would continue to have more joyous moments of togetherness ahead.”

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