New Computer Lab

May 11, 2023 | Prakash Boys Institute

Rachel has written a long awaited report about the new computer lab for the PBI (boys). The Government is now requiring that ALL students have computer training in their trade.

“Hello Everyone,

Yesterday was an eventful day for all of us at Prakash. Most of the staff members are going to start their annual leave from Monday and so with the students gone, Nupi, Moses, and Nagesh plus a few other staff members thought of having a fellowship lunch together. So, all of us contributed a small amount and all the ladies helped prepare the meal. It so happened that it was Savita’s birthday too (RGI Instructor) and so we got a cake for her and had a little celebration. She was so happy about the sweet surprise and thanked all of us.

While the meal was being cooked, the rest of us were busy setting up the computer lab. The boards had arrived and were put up by Ashok sir, Vipul and Atul. Since all the staff members were together,

Nupi guided them all to the lab for a tour of the project. Everyone was so impressed to see the progress we made, even the cook ladies said that they were there for the first time ever. We as a staff team wanted to offer a prayer of thanksgiving for this computer lab all set to welcome the students and for everyone who made this possible and Moses led us into prayer. We as a staff are so thankful to all the donors who have generously contributed to the project so that the boys can advance their skills in computer with access to the latest technology and best facilities, that is beyond their imagination and reach.

Right before leaving the lab, there was a group of staff who thought, ‘Who cares if we are computer proficient or not, we can still pose and click a photo in front of the brand new computers to flaunt.’ Sunil (The guest cook in pink shirt) had his hands on the keyboard and said, ‘ I am typing “s.o.m.e.t.h.i.n.g.’ He is always so fun and entertaining to be around. How I wish you all were here to see the joy on their faces. If the staff is so thrilled we can only imagine the excitement of the students.

Later, we made arrangements for lunch in the veranda in front of the students’ kitchen and had the cake cutting for Savita Nagesh prayed for her and also for the food. The men sat in front of her as little kids waiting eagerly for the cake to be distributed.

All were so happy together and said that we should have more of such times together. With light hearted jokes and giggling all around everyone helped clean afterwards (all the men washed their own dishes) and gave a helping hand to all the women. Everything was put back into place and we dispersed for the day.

Thank you once again, for the provision and love that you have showered on us. May God bless every one who is a part of the Prakash ministry.”

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