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May 18, 2023 | Vet-Med Outreach

This is a little late, but I just had to share. Dr. Suresh had another report about the HANDCART that needed repair.

“We are continuing working on the handcart, as I was helping in the process to Mr Atul and Mr. Satish we find out that we have to change the all rings and cost is 8000.00.rps. (Again think of it in dollars.) I pray for money to do this project.

As we are talking at the Bypass Square on the Amravati Road (This is the main highway going from Mumbai to Kolkata through Nagpur) Mr. Ravindra came there to meet me as he saw me there. When I told him the story about Mr. Satish very happily he told that he want to contribute in it. BUT, He also needed my help in checking one of his cow who is not feeding properly.


He is doing so great in his dairy business and give all the credit to Vet Med as we help him giving two cows 10 years back and he thinks Lord really blessed him through this and today he have 13 cows. It is privilege for him to help someone in great need.

He is still thankful to us for the love we showed him through helping him with two cows. He was our Ex-Self-Reliant student. He and his wife both are working hard for their Dairy business and even his children are helping their parents and studying hard.

So we all went to his village after giving some medication to his cow his wife made tea for us and then he gave all 8000.00 rps. in my hand to help Mr. Satish. I had no words.

I just thank God for this family after prayer we came back and fixed all new rings on handcart. Mr Satish also very thankful to us for helping him in his bad time.

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