We were watching TV at 5:15 pm when we received an EMERGENCY CALL. It took several tries before we could connect with India. There was a horrible storm that caused damage, so I asked Rachel to give us a report. It is so sad to see people who have too little lose their belongings.

“It was just a normal night for all of us when we went to bed until around 4 AM when the loud and deafening thunder woke us up. It was raining incessantly and the electricity had been cut off.

At around 4:28 AM Nupi got a call from Nitin saying that the entire lineup has been flooded and that they are evacuating from there. The water level was quite high (chest level) and the heavy rains weren’t helping at all. The children were not able to walk themselves out so Nitin and Munshi got them out of the lineup and they were all standing in front of Vipul’s house until everyone gathered there.

The loud noises of the rain and thunder had disturbed everybody’s sleep and so Vipul woke up as soon as he heard the children outside his door. He came out and asked them to get inside the house. Rita and him helped the women and children with whatever she could find with the help of the flashlight of her phone.

Meanwhile, Moses Sir had helped to open up the Johnson Hall in Prakash building for them to stay. All the women along with the kids were taken up while the men were trying to save all that they could from being washed away in the waters.

Nagesh Sir and Vandana arranged tea for everyone and also gave them some towels and clothes to change. Nupi and I went on campus as soon as the rains receded from our home. We first went to the lineup where all the men were removing the water from their homes.

All of their groceries, vegetables, utensils and other stuff was washed away. We then went and visited the kids and the women in the Johnson Hall and saw that the water had entered the admin building through the veranda. The boys helped in cleaning it out.

All the ladies were telling about their experience of the horrible night. While it was decided that food will be prepared in the PBI kitchen for all lineup people, We got a call early in the morning that two of our cook ladies are sick with fever, leaving only one cook lady to do the job for students and evacuees but the lineup women very happily volunteered to help in the kitchen and they did so.

We then went to RGI and saw that it had been flooded too. The marks on the walls show how high the water level was the in office basement and campus. The entire admin office bathroom was submerged under water.

The entire city has been flooding and is submerged under water. The district administration has issued a warning of heavy rains for the next 2 days. Please continue to pray that all may be safe.

We praise God that everyone is safe as of now. We are very grateful to all of you for your support and prayers. Will keep you updated!”

Then we received this report from Dr. Suresh:

“Yesterday I went to village where Diya is staying with some groceries and some clothes for the village people. I really appreciate Diya’s efforts in controlling all the village people and distributing things in a very disciplined manner.

The village people were very happy for receiving the clothes and everything and Diya and her husband were also very thankful for receiving the groceries for another 15 days.

But most thrilling thing for me was Diya’s husband told me that their Chief wants to talk to me. When I went to his home, he gave me a warm welcome and served me tea. He gave me a chair to sit and actually his wife wanted to talk to me as she heard many things from Diya so he told me that before you came to the village I know of what you were doing in the old village and the head of that village shared to me about your work and love for our people.

You welcome in my village and please do whatever you want to do to encourage our children for education and other things. He is a younger man with two small kids and he was very happy that I am helping Diya in her situation and he was thanking me for that.

But today I received the phone call from Diya that her village also got heavy rainfall and many things have been spoiled.

So I went to her village. I just returned from the Diya’s Pardhi village. When I got there the Chief called me. The situation is really bad. He was telling me that I never saw rain like this in the past 10 years but all the villagers’ utensils and groceries and everything was washed away.

So the Chief called me to make some physical arrangements for the affected houses. We made a temporary arrangement and his family is making food for all the people. There are many things to do. I just gave him some money for food for at least two days but I think he needs support for another 2 to 3 days.”

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