Emergency Update

Sep 29, 2023 | Prakash Boys Institute, Ruth Girls Institute

Nupi has sent us a very nice update on all the flood damage and recovery at the Prakash campus. Our boys have also helped the Muir Hospital clean up. The hospital’s director is on our Prakash India Board. Thankfully we were able to lend a hand. The response from all of you has been beyond fabulous. A huge thank you from all of us.

“After two days of cleaning and thankfully no rains the line-up families returned to their respective homes today morning. We visited them in the morning and all the women were busy washing clothes. The pictures will show you the amount of clothes that were hand washed with disinfectant soap to be cleaned as they were all soaked in the dirty waters. Some were beyond washing and cleaning, stinking so badly that they had to be burned.

The children are happy because their school books got wet and so were their shoes and socks, so what a good reason to stay away from school. Munshi’s wife is the students’ cook at PBI and therefore it wasn’t possible for her to stay home so Munshi stayed back today and did the cleaning.

After talking to them and finding out the things that were spoiled, we were able to buy groceries, vegetables for two families. Also, we bought floor disinfectant, room fresheners and antiseptic solutions, soaps for washing of clothes for each of the families.

Rachel and Vipul did the shopping for many of the things needed. Because of all the city of Nagpur being flooded vegetables and other things are twice the price they were a week ago.

There will be more things to buy like mattresses because they were soaked in dirty water and cannot be washed or disinfected due to their thickness and so the best thing to do would be to dispose them.

We need to order new mattresses, pillows, some blankets, bedsheets and pillow covers for all families. Until then they will be using the extra mattresses from PBI that they were using in the Johnson Hall. The new mattresses would be made according to the measurements of the beds.

Some children are going to need school books, new shoes and socks and some other things which were not urgent but are important which we will be working on soon.

When I asked them about their needs in the morning, they were very hesitant to tell because they were already overwhelmed with all that we had done for them during these two days. They kept saying that all of you have helped us so much in so many ways. What else should we ask for? But after being persistent they shared their specific needs with us and some we observed and therefore we will be taking care of their requirements.

Ishvar, our hostel monitor and his whole family is sick with fever, and, so is Nitin. We pray that the others will be safe as they were exposed to the flood waters and this may cause infections.

All the women send their special thanks to those who have generously extended their support to them in this time of need. We wish you could see their happy and content faces.

Thanks again for your care and support!”

Dr. Suresh is still assessing the damage to villagers he regularly helps with Vet-Med services. I’ll update when we have more information.

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