Yippee! Diya’s Baby is Here

Dec 8, 2023 | Vet-Med Outreach

Baby 6lbs. 3 oz.

“Today I visited the Govt Medical College to see the baby and Diya. Baby is in incubator and Diya was all alone on the bed, the reason was no men allowed in that ward. Thankfully, I had arranged an ambulance and have given him an advance for when she will need to go to the hospital. I don’t know how she would have got there otherwise.

Diya’s family don’t have any women (Diya is an orphan and her husband is semi-orphan) so then I contacted the Head of the village and requested him for any lady from the village to come and help Diya in the hospital.

He honoured my request and there were six women who were ready to come and help me to stay with Diya but the Head himself brought one young lady to help her in the hospital. It was so kind on his part to spare time from his busy schedule and bring the lady in the hospital. So now she is staying with Diya. I gave some money for her food in the hospital. (Remember in India you bring your own bedding, gowns, and food.)

I saw worry in Diya’s eyes but then but then I saw a beautiful smile on her face when I asked, ‘Are you worrying?’ She said to me ‘No, Jesus is with me and that made me very happy. ‘ In the hospital also she requested me to pray for her and her baby. She inquired me whether I told you (me) about her baby or not. I told her that I have already told you and that you both are praying for her. And she just said thank you very much for becoming my relatives and standing with me.

Somehow I managed to enter in that ward and talk to the doctor, explain to her my relationship with Diya and she was very happy to know about me and

Vet Med and our work among the Paradhis. So then she herself took me to the baby and explained to me the baby’s condition. She told me that 48 hours are crucial for the baby as she was not crying after birth and that’s why her body has a lack of oxygen and that is troubling her. Otherwise, she is good.

Diya really requested by heart to me and you all to pray for her baby.”YOU HAVE NO IDEA HOW UNUSUAL IT IS TO SEE AN INDIAN WOMAN SMILE.

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