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That’s only $60 a month that will change a student’s life forever!

Prakash for India needs your help TODAY to give young, marginalized Indian nationals vocational training, leadership development and life skills education to put them on a better path to live with hope and dignity.


Educational and Vocational Programs:

Provides training in skilled trades so our students can sustain themselves and live with dignity.

Leadership Development:

Equips our students to grow and duplicate themselves to become a significant developmental force for their country.

STARTING POINT Discipleship Program:

Shares the love and grace of Jesus Christ and teaches our students Christian principles so they can live with

Resources for Repairs and Maintenance:

Maintains our facilities and keeps them in proper working order.

Will You Partner With Us?

Further the vision for Prakash and commit to supporting a student today.

Sustained donations enable us to strategically expand and provide innovative tools and resources to our students, staff, and surrounding communities.

Our Mission

For nearly 45 years, Prakash for India has been equipping young Indian men and women with marketable skills to become godly business owners, spouses, parents and leaders in their communities living self-reliant lives with hope and dignity.

Our History

In 1961, Vernon and Mildred Hart traveled to Kodaikanal, South India for a short-term missions assignment.  In the process, Harts fell in love with India’s people. They developed a burden for those in poverty who had no visible means of acquiring a trade ….

Journal Entries

Of Course, It Would Happen Now

Of Course, It Would Happen Now

The weather has been sooo HOT and during the night we had a thunderstorm that was almost freakish. It felt like the building was being hit by lightning. I said, “Lord, could you not have done all this at 8 am instead of 4:30 am?” It did make is much cooler, but the...

I Hugged Aarti and Diya

I Hugged Aarti and Diya

A village trip is always on our agenda. Last year it was just TOO hot (118 degrees) to go, so even though it is the hottest February in 100 years in India we still went out to two Pardhi villages. My desire was to give some motherly comfort and love to two orphan...

Another Guest Has Arrived

Another Guest Has Arrived

Erik, a Pausa Board member actually arrived before the 50th Celebration, but I was so busy I didn’t have time to write a Journal about it. Soooo Here goes. Again, there was a “Hearty Welcome” from all the students with a garland, songs and a fabulous dance by the...

Prakash Is 50

Prakash Is 50

We visited the RGI girls Friday to see classes and they were making their vests for the program and the flowers for decorations. AMAZING They made all their own patterns. They made their own template and design for the flower decorations. The Theme for the program was...

Hearty Welcome

Hearty Welcome

Well the activities at Prakash are in big swing. Guests, Lorin and Anita have arrived and welcomed. Lorin is Chairman of PAUSA (Prakash Association USA) There was singing, dances and skits. Indians REALLY know how to say a “HEARTY WELCOME.” Anita and I had to go...

Chickens Changing Lives

Chickens Changing Lives

Our volunteer Raju was requesting me for the chicken project for the 16 years old tribal girl Vaishnavi, from near-by village. I was not very sure about his request. But in the midst of our Self-Reliant training he again called me on phone that Vaishnavi really need...

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