Vet Med Outreach

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Self Reliant Training

Classes for rural Indians on sustainable animal husbandry and economy to equip them to be self-supporting.

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Housing Care and Maintenance
Clean Water Sources and Supply
Home Food Preparation and Storage
Fundamental Disease Identification
Developing a Personal Prayer Life

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Project Animals

Working with village leaders, Vet-Med places the start of a herd of animals with a needy family, along with a year of veterinarian support.

Vet-Med Stories

Our Team

Dr. Suresh Wankhede

Dr. Suresh Wankhede

Vet Med Director

Since 1997, Prakash for India and its partners have sponsored an off-site Veterinary Medicine and the Self-Reliance Training course in the local villages surrounding Nagpur. The Vet-Med program is led by Dr. Suresh Wankhede, a Prakash alumnus and a graduate of the Veterinary Medicine College.

Village students receive hands-on training in farming, raising animals, housing, health, discipleship and the Christian life.

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