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Nov 7, 2010 | India

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I am so glad that we have learned the name of the Chief’s daughter, Jaysoni. I will continue to keep everyone updated as I receive more information.

An Update email from Nupi:

Today Vasantha accompanied the chief’s wife and his daughter, Jaysoni to the hospital.

The chief did not come as he had some other work. We went to the neurologist at 10 am in the morning. The doctor looked at her and said that he needs to take a CT scan of the brain to get the exact diagnosis. The CT scan was done and we had to pay 2200.00 rps. An unforeseen expense. Then the report was given at four in the evening. The chief’s daughter was also advised to have an X-ray done to check if there is any infection in her lungs. Friday was Diwali and therefore most of the doctors were on leave. On Saturday we got the X-ray. The injections start on Monday. We will take all these reports to the eye specialist Dr. Suraj tomorrow.

This is a little experience, but I thought I needed to share it with you. We were done with the CT scan procedure at 4 pm. All of us were very hungry, so we went to a small place where they serve simple food, dal, rice, roti, curry, salad, unlimited for 60 rupees. We sat to eat the girl couldn’t see what’s in the plate but her mother told her. We were served papad. Jaysoni said to her mother, “Please save this papad for me, I will eat it relishing after we sit in the car.” Papad is something that they rarely eat but this girl loves it. After some time Vasantha asked me very softly, “If I take more chapaties then will doctor sahib have to pay more money for the food?” (He didn’t know how much we paid) I told him, ” No, don’t worry about that we paid once and they serve unlimited.” He was very hungry he ate very well. In the mean time he talked less. But he said one sentence that touched my heart. He said to Jaysoni, ” Have faith in God you will get well.”

Then as they were leaving he said to the mother, “Tomorrow you bring your husband along with you. I can’t stay away from my work.” I asked him, “What work is so important for you? He said. “I have to do the translation work.” (Remember, He and his wife are translating the Book of John) I said, “This work of coming to the hospital is as important as that work. You should come if the chief can’t come.” He said, “OK I will come if needed, but then I will do the translation work at night after going back home.” I rejoice seeing all this.

Also as we were entering the hospital there was a notice on the wall written, DO NOT SPIT. HELP US KEEP THE HOSPITAL CLEAN. Vasantha read it and told the chief’s wife, “Don’t spit anywhere here this is not our village.
Another update: Vinyak is at home now, but the prognosis is not good. The RGI student still has not returned to school so will most likely not return until after the Christmas break.

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