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Jul 4, 2018 | Ruth Girls Institute

This is a heartfelt report from Nupi. It took her a while before she was able to write it.
“It is heart breaking and saddening to write this story for one of my students.  Each girl takes a special place in our hearts.  I had never imagined that I will have to write a story of one of our current students who passed away . . .But the Lord allowed this to happen and I just trust that he knows what is best for us and nothing happens without his authority.
Anushka came to RGI after completing her 10th to study computers.  She was sent by the orphanage where she and her brother grew up after her mother’s death.  Her father had passed away when they were little, later her mother got sick and requested the Christian orphanage to take care of her children after her death.  Anushka did have a few uncles and her paternal grandmother but she grew up in orphanage.
Anushka was a very quiet child.  I never heard her speak loudly. She had a sweet voice and sang well.  She was the top student in her class.
She was not very expressive.  Once when I was taking English class and had an activity about telling something about your friend. Her friend said, ‘Anushka is very helpful girl.  She helps me in my studies.  But sometimes she becomes very sad and says why did God take away my parents so soon and make me orphan?’  She probably was struggling with this question.  She had a desire to become self-sufficient and care for her younger brother.
Anushka enjoyed the Christmas games and participated happily in it.  She was one of the two girls that handed Papi his Valentines day card.
When Anushka fell ill in RGI for a short period of time all her friends cared for her.  And recovered soon.
We as a family have fond memories of her as she and another student stayed with us during the Christmas vacation. (Due to the fact that the orphanage didn’t want to spend the money to bring them back)  I remember her standing beside me when I used to cook watching carefully and saying, ‘I want to learn to cook from you.’
She also went to the Pardhi village with us and enacted the Christmas story.  She was our sweet little Mary.  She helped me in sorting the clothes donated by my exercise class students for the Pardhi village.
After she went home from RGI for summer vacation with her uncle. She fell ill and was taken to the Govt. hospital but she died at the hospital.  We do not know the exact cause of her death. She was admitted in the hospital for about a week.  But do believe that she lived the life span that God allowed her to live.
 As humans all of us at RGI grieve for her and miss her day in and day out.  But I am sure she is with Jesus because she was a saved child.
We had a small memorial in the Chapel when I and her class teacher shared about her.
This incident is a lesson for me and all of us Prakash that we need to live our life making sure that we are prepared to meet the Lord any time he calls us. As staff we need to be aware of every opportunity that comes our way as we don’t know when it will be our last opportunity to teach, to make an impact upon or lead our students to Jesus.
Please do remember all of us at Prakash in your prayers.  Also, Anushka’s younger brother, that the Lord may give him the grace to go through this situation and that he will have the comfort from Jesus.”
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